World's Resonance

Sound Designer, Composer | P1 Ignite Game Jam


[Beetle Bongo]

Note + Texture of “Beetle Bongo”

Texture part of “Beetle Bongo”

Equip/Unequip part of “Beetle Bongo”

○ Mixed ‘reversed’ notes as variations for interesting texture.

○ Used water drip/splash sounds to give it a more organic feel.

[Termite Flute]

Note + Texture of “Termite Flute”

Texture part of “Termite Flute”

Equip/Unequip part of “Termite Flute”

“For the termite flute, you blow out of the top of the termite’s head, and sound comes out of the arm holes.”

Multiple voices, slight difference in pitch and tone for each.

Note + texture variation in separate random containers.

[Character Emotion]

Robot – Happy

Robot – Upset

[Plants Moving & Growing]

Plants – Growing

Plants – Moving



[Tutorial Zone]


[The Broken Bridge]

[Abandoned Subway]

[Polluted River]

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