Anthesizer III Noise Garden

Anthesizer III Noise Garden Type Sound Installation Author Byungkyu Lee Material Piezo, Hydrostone Plaster, Acrylic Panels, Aquarium sand, Sculpt-It, Acrylic Paint, Epoxy Resin, Red Gel, Daisy Seed, LM386, Dayton BTS-1 Software MaxMSP ant sp. Componotus fragilis, Pogonomyrmex Rugosus Year 2023 Ant + SynthesizerSoundscape of an ant colony in real time Anthesizer III “Noise Garden ” […]

Anthesizer II, Behind the Scene

Hooray! I finally won the Interdisciplinary Grant!  Now I could afford to recruit a special agent from theater school.. Introducing Pablo, 너 내 동료가 되라 a talented scenic designer who designed and constructed the Outworld. I had planned to exhibit Anthesizer II at FOUR different venues:   SEAMUS 2023 in NYC, US on April 7th CalArts […]

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