Sons of the Forest

Sound Designer, Voice Actor  |  Sound Replacement

Weapon Design

Guitar – Whoosh & Hit 1

Guitar – Whoosh & Hit 2

Guitar – Whoosh & Hit 3

○ For the hit sound, I layered a recording of me smashing my table, which is made of wood and steel, much like an electric guitar.

○ I also layered numerous grabbing and tapping sounds from an unplugged electric guitar.

World’s Resonance

Sound Designer, Composer  |  P1 Ignite Game Jam

Musical Instrument Design

Note + Texture of “Termite Flute”

Texture part of “Termite Flute”

Equip/Unequip part of “Termite Flute”

“For the termite flute, you blow out of the top of the termite’s head, and sound comes out of the arm holes.”

Multiple voices, slight difference in pitch and tone for each.

Note + texture variation in separate random containers.

The Explorer

Sound Designer, Programmer (C#)  | Sound Replacement

Enemy Character Design

Melee Attack of “Grenadier”

Shield Attack of “Grenadier”

Death Sequence of “Grenadier”

Death Voice of “Grenadier”

Grenadier is a mechanical golem made out of metal. I wanted to make it sound like Darth Vader with a metal armor

○ Used trombone to create the breathing part of this character which we can hear all the time.

○ Layered heavily processed Metal Hit/Scraping sounds.

Protoss VFX

Voice Actor, Sound Designer  |  Sound Replacement

Character Voice Design

“명예는 나를 이끈다” (Honor guides me)

“오린 쉬 샤알” (Orin Shii Sha’al)

“우리의 분노는 끝이 없다” (Our fury is endless)

All the quotes

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