Anthesizer III, Behind the Scene

Here are some photos I took while I was making Anthesizer III. Power Distribution is hard! I ended up not using 12V to 5V converter since it doesn’t successfully power Daisy Seed, or any other components that uses 5V. I have heard that Daisy Seed works fine up until 12V, but I put heatsinks in […]

Anthesizer II, Behind the Scene

Hooray! I finally won the Interdisciplinary Grant!  Now I could afford to recruit a special agent from theater school.. Introducing Pablo, 너 내 동료가 되라 a talented scenic designer who designed and constructed the Outworld. I had planned to exhibit Anthesizer II at FOUR different venues:   SEAMUS 2023 in NYC, US on April 7th CalArts […]

What is Anthesizer?

Q: What the f*** is Anthesizer? Anthesizer, ‘Ant’ + ‘Synthesizer’, is a tool to turn the complex social behaviors of ants into an immersive soundscape. Contact mics are placed inside the nests and outworlds. Those mics are connected to MaxMSP, which is a program that does real-time sound synthesis with the incoming signals taken from […]

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